The following services are available upon request

2020-10-12 11:40:11 rtchem 11

The following services are available upon request


Mud Analysis - The laboratory conducts physical and chemical test analysis of the sludge supplied by the customer.

Product Selection – Choose the best product models through laboratory and on-site assessments.

User Guide - Provide on-site service, technical staff at the R&D Center to guide the correct use of the drug for best results.

Problem Diagnosis in Product Applications - Helps users analyze and diagnose difficult problems in production and provide solutions or recommendations.

Technician Training - The Center will train product application technicians for customers.

For the service-center---we provide special advice and services to our customers according to their special requirements.

Tracking service—Create files for customers, track customer's production status, and find problems in a timely manner.

Supply guarantee - delivery to customers on time and reliable quality assurance

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