What kind of medicament is used for sewage air flotation?

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What kind of medicament is used for sewage air flotation?

Air floatation technology is to pump into a large number of highly dispersed microbubbles into the water to be treated, and add the medicament to make fully contact with the suspended floc in the water, so that the suspended flocs adheres to the microbubbles and float with the bubbles. Scum is formed and the scum is scraped off to purify the water.

Whether or not to add a drug depends on the hydrophilic of the pollutant. If the water pollutant is hydrophobic, it is not necessary to add a drug; for a pollutant that is not strong or hydrophilic, it has better to add a drug to separate. Generally, the most used flocculants and coagulants are PAC and PAM. The specific dosage and dosage amount are related to water quality. It is necessary to determine the optimal dosage and better ratio through experiments.

The purpose of adding the medicament is to generate larger flocs. Since there are many influencing factors, the coagulation beaker stirring test is generally used to obtain the corresponding data. The coagulation test was carried out in a beaker, including three steps of rapid stirring, slow stirring and static settling.

The injected flocculant is quickly dispersed by rapid stirring and contacts with the colloidal particles in the water,and the colloidal particles begins to coagulate and produce microflocs. By slowly stirring, the microflocs further contact with each other to grow into larger particles.When stop stirring,he formed colloidal particles naturally settle to the bottom of the beaker by gravity. Through the comprehensive evaluation of the coagulation effect, such as flocculant sedimentation, supernatant turbidity, color, pH value, oxygen consumption, etc to determine the appropriate flocculant’s variety and its dosage.

Different types of wastewater need to be determined according to the water pH value, the nature of the impurities, etc to determine the type of flocculant, the dosage, and the order of addition, in order to obtain the optimum flocculant type and dosage.At the same time, pay special attention to the raw water quality used in the test should be exactly the same as the actual water.


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