How to choose making-incense powder?

2020-10-12 11:41:43 rtchem 16

How to choose making-incense powder?


The most important raw material for the purchase of incense in many fragrant users is the making-incense powder. I want to buy a low-viscosity rubber powder, which can reduce the products cost. Now There are two kinds of chemical powder and vegetal powder. The vegetal powder is also very scarce now. The pure vegetal powder is very few now. The chemical powder is mainly composed of amide, which has many disadvantages. The fragrant is black, easy to regain moisture, and the surface is rough. While, this problem can be solved on the basis of adding additives. In the past, we used vegetal powder, it did come this problems. I hope everyone to choose suitable one that is the best. When using chemical powder amide, there are two kinds of fine powder and particle. Everyone should choose according to their actual conditions. The particles are large,it needs long time to stir,but it can not dissolve well, and the best effect is not well. The fine powder dissolves quickly, but the fine powder is pulverized by the particles, and the viscosity is reduced by itself. The viscosity of the fine powder is not reduced by the viscosity of the particles. Everyone buys a small particle product, which can have high viscosity and can reduce cost. The vegetal powder market is also very chaotic. Originally, the noodles were used. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer noodles. Basically, some of the products on the market are synthetic.

When using chemical powder, adding some plants, it also can get good effect.The vegetal powder can solve the unsatisfactory problems in the process of chemical powder. The vegetal powder has a smooth surface and good performance in summer resurgence. It is also popular in the market. When the plant powder burns, it will make people feel very fragrant and very pleasant smell, but the chemical powder is not available. It is not fragrant, only the smoky smell.

Hope you to use developed vegetal powder substitute products, and also to protect the ecological environment. Don't like the eucalyptus tree, as the others say it is used up by making incense industry, it is hard to see them now.


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