PAM usage and precautions

2020-10-12 11:45:19 rtchem 17

PAM usage and precautions


1. Before the formal use of the product, a series of small tests should be done to determine the dosage range and use conditions. According to our experience, the general dosage is 1-5ppm.

2.All products must be fully dissolved before use, so that the chain is fully extended and ready for use.Usually non-ionic and cationic products are diluted to about 0.1%, the dissolution operation should be carried out in plastic, ceramic or concrete containers.

3.Note: Stirring can not be too much too strong, can not be placed for a long time after dissolution, PAM solution as far as possible not to contact iron objects. The solution is not exceed 60 °C.

4. When conveying PM solution, the pipeline should be thick and the elbow should be less, so as to minimize pipeline loss and turbulence.

5.Gerally add flocculant at first, after the reaction, add coagulant.

6. What type of wastewater (or sludge) is used and how much molecular weight should be subject to multiple tests. The general wastewater is anionic, with a molecular weight of 8 million to 12 million, the price is about 12,000 yuan / ton, the sludge is cationic, the molecular weight is 5 million - 10 million, and the price is 30,000-30,000 yuan / ton. The R&D center has professional-level laboratories, including water treatment laboratories, sludge dewatering laboratories, product analysis rooms, compound water treatment agent formulation research rooms, pilot plants, and liquid chromatography analysis rooms, equipped with a large number of simulated industrial production. Process and process conditions of the instrument and equipment, can carry out targeted research and development work, provide practical and effective problem solutions, the center brings together a group of well-known domestic technical experts, committed to innovation in paper chemicals and water treatment chemicals application. 

The excellent expert service system of R&D center provides long-term on-site service experience and professional knowledge to provide customers with on-site service, remote network consulting service and quick response combined service solution.The thoughtful and considerate service and technical support are praised by customers. The center is equipped with professional technical service engineers and related professional equipment and equipment, tailor-made system solutions to ensure that product applications are protected and help customers solve problems in time.


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