Flocculant is an important function in wastewater treatment

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Flocculant is an important function in wastewater treatment


The flocculation sedimentation method uses an inorganic flocculant (such as aluminum sulfate) and an organic anionic flocculant polyacrylamide (PAM) to form a solution into the wastewater, which will produce a compressed electric double layer to make the suspended particles in the wastewater lose stability. The colloidal particles agglomerate each other to increase the particles, forming flocs and alumen ustum.

When the floc grows to a certain volume, it is separated from water by gravity, thereby removing a large amount of suspended matter in the wastewater to achieve the water treatment effect. In order to improve the separation effect, a coagulant may be added in a timely and appropriate amount.

The treated sewage can basically reach the discharge standard in terms of color, chromium content, suspended matter content, etc., and can be discharged or used as refill water for artificial water injection and oil recovery.

Flocculant is the most widely agent used in wastewater treatment. The flocculation process is an indispensable key link in wastewater treatment process. According to its chemical composition, it can be divided into: inorganic salt flocculant, organic polymer flocculant and microbial flocculant.

Clients can make reasonable choices based on the nature of the wastewater. The combination of flocculant and wastewater treatment equipment makes the wastewater treatment more effective and effectively solves the problem of wastewater treatment.

The application of flocculant in wastewater treatment effectively improves the sewage treatment rate and makes remarkable effect. At present, the product is widely used in wastewater treatment in various industries to ensure that the water quality after treatment by large-scale sewage treatment equipment can meet the national emission standards, effectively prevent the deterioration of water pollution status and ensure the sustainable development of the ecological environment.

The organic polymer flocculant is added to the refinery wastewater to separate the water and impurities quickly and completely.



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